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Faster and more efficient Prefabricated Buildings!


Ufudu Cabins

Our mobile Transpack cabins are robust, low maintenance and easy to install. Customers have the option of sale or hire
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Steel Containers

Ufudu offers a wide range of general purpose ISO dry-freight steel containers, as well as refrigerated steel containers for storage
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Prefab Buildings

Ufudu provides a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low-maintenance prefab buildings for sale or hire
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Refrigerated Containers

Ufudu offers a range of refrigerated containers for perishable cargo in several sizes and designs
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Compact mobile space. Packaged for you.
All of our distinctive Ufudu products offer our growing customer base safe, reliable, adaptable and affordable space solutions.

What exactly are prefab buildings?

Prefab buildings are manufactured off-site in a controlled factory setting using standardized modules or panels. These modules are then transported to the final location and assembled, like giant Lego pieces. This method offers several advantages over traditional on-site construction.

Ufuducabins, Mobile Modular Units, Flatpack System
Ufuducabins, Mobile Modular Units, Flatpack System

A modern take on construction!

Prefab buildings, often called modular buildings, are no longer just temporary structures slapped together for quick use. They’ve evolved into stylish, sustainable, and surprisingly versatile living and working spaces. Let’s dive into the world of prefabrication and explore why it might be the perfect choice for your next project.

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