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Choose your customised easy space management solution from our range of mobile transpack cabins, steel container conversions and prefab buildings.

Prefab buildings are no longer just an alternative; they are the future of construction. By offering speed, affordability, quality, and sustainability, they provide a smarter way to build for a better tomorrow.

Ufuducabins, Mobile Modular Units, Flatpack System


As a proud and passionate company, Ufudu is well placed to help our growing base of customers to develop and implement affordable, practical and efficient on-site space management solutions. In the form of Transpack cabins, steel container conversions and prefab buildings for sale or hire. Whether our customers are in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, construction, education or defense sectors. We have an extensive range of mobile office, home and storage space – all proven products with all the required support services. We are certificated by the Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal (B.I.C.)

Ufuducabins, Mobile Modular Units, Flatpack System


Saving money without sacrificing quality

Prefabrication eliminates waste and streamlines processes, leading to significant cost savings compared to traditional construction.

Environmental Responsibility

Prefabrication prioritizes eco-friendly practices. Recycled materials, energy-efficient designs, and minimal waste generation all contribute to a reduced environmental footprint.

Quality Control

Modules are built to precise specifications and undergo rigorous inspections before being shipped to construction sites.

Reduced Construction Disruption

With prefabrication, most of the construction process takes place off-site. As a result, there is less mess, less noise, and a faster return to normalcy.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Construction techniques and materials used in prefab buildings are of high quality. They are resistant to pests, weather, and wear and tear, requiring minimal maintenance.

Scalability and Adaptability

Prefabricated buildings are designed to grow and adapt to your changing needs. Whether you need more space or want to relocate your structure, the modules can be easily added, removed, or reconfigured.

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About Ufudu

Ufudu provides a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low-maintenance prefab buildings for sale or hire, to meet your home, office or storage requirements. Whatever your particular home, office or other space needs in Southern Africa, and irrespective of the applicable scale, time frames and end uses, we provide a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low-maintenance prefab buildings for sale and hire.