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Steel Container Conversions

"A modern and sustainable home built from a repurposed shipping container, featuring minimalist décor and ample natural light.
This cozy living space, cleverly crafted from a recycled shipping container, offers a unique and eco-friendly escape.
Boost your productivity in this innovative office space, built from a transformed shipping container and offering a modern and inspiring atmosphere.
Savor delicious cuisine in this unique and eye-catching eatery, housed within a converted shipping container.

Offering sustainable, flexible, and versatile solutions for everything from offices to pop-up shops.

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Affordable, mobile, easy-to-use and robust steel containers​

Our steel containers are for sale or hire!

Ufudu offers a wide range of general purpose ISO dry-freight steel containers, as well as refrigerated steel containers for storage of perishable cargo, in several sizes and designs.

Ufudu has a reputation for its ability to supply and support a comprehensive range of affordable, mobile, easy-to-use and robust steel containers. These are used for standard and non-standard storage and shipping requirements, including refrigerated or freezer storage, as well as container conversions for a broad spectrum of mobile home, office and storage requirements. These steel containers are available for sale or hire, at attractive and competitive rates.

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Ufudu provides a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low-maintenance prefab buildings for sale or hire, to meet your home, office or storage requirements. Whatever your particular home, office or other space needs in Southern Africa, and irrespective of the applicable scale, time frames and end uses, we provide a comprehensive range of affordable, efficient and low-maintenance prefab buildings for sale and hire.