Wherever workers congregate on site, hygienic toilet/ablution facilities are vital. Cleanliness, privacy and hot water are the keys to comfortable, civilised on-site living.

Our Speedloo mobile prefabricated ablution/toilet units are fully equipped, and vary in size from single toilets to complete bathroom/change – room/locker-room complexes.

On-site living now need not mean low standards in prefab bathrooms and toilets. The only problem with Speedloo portable prefab toilets is that your site workers may be too comfortable and linger too long!



Units that are 6, 9 and 12 m in length:
Full-length, full-width structurally welded steel chassis with two 175 x 50 mm lipped-channel, longitudinal beams. Outriggers and cross-members are of 75 x 38 mm channel.

Units that are 15 and 18 m in length:
Full-length, full-width structurally welded steel chassis with two 250 x 75 mm lipped-channel, longitudinal beams. Outriggers and cross-members are of 75 x 38 mm channel.

The complete assembly is sandblasted and coated with self-etch red oxide primer. For added protection, the chassis is coated with a waterproof, malleable compound called Plaswax or similar which forms a tenacious wax-like surfacing.


The standard exterior and interior finish is 0,5 mm Chromadek, which is a galvanised, prepainted (frost-white) finish. The perimeter and internal walls are fully insulated with 40 mm thick high-density foam. As an optional extra, chromadek sheeting with a decorative woodlike finish can be used for internal wall finishes.


Copper, stainless steel, or Polycop piping is used for water supply, and PVC fittings for sewerage and wastewater.


The roof is a pitched roof construction consisting of the following:

  • Roof exterior is galvanised sheeting
  • Ceiling insulation is 40 mm thick high-density foam sandwiched between 0,5 mm white chromadek sheeting
  • Ceiling finish is 0,5 mm white chromadek ceiling


All window frames are aluminium, top-hung and fitted with 4 mm thick glass. The area of the windows is equal to or greater than 10% of the gross floor area of each habitable room.


Treated timber floorboards, 18 mm thick, are glued and screwed to cross-members and covered in 2 mm industrial vinyl welded at joints. Carpet covering optional extra.


Units are wired for connecting to 220 volt supply, in accordance with SABS 0142:1987, and are fitted with earth-leakage protection and distribution board. Lights, plugs, geyser and interior electrical fittings are installed as shown on the layout diagrams.



It is extremely important that the following points are taken into consideration before delivery can be effected:

  • Site should be level and compacted. It should not slope more than 200 mm over the length and 100 mm over the width of the unit.
  • Site must be accessible for an abnormally large load. All trees and/or other obstacles that may be in the way must be removed beforehand to allow easy access.
  • Gates into property must be a minimum of 4 m wide, and truck must have a straight run-up of at least 25 m, to allow bigger units (9 m and upwards) to be offloaded into position, and allow trucks to drive out from under unit after having lifted it.
  • Unit will be dropped onto trestles and levelled in order to allow doors to open freely. Final levelling must be done by client unless siting is done and charged for by Ufudu.
  • A site inspection prior to delivery can be arranged.
  • All equipment used for loading and off-loading of units is certified and load tested.


  • Exterior skirting
  • Carpets
  • Burglar bars
  • Flyscreens for both windows and doors
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Air conditioner
  • Three-phase electrics
  • Kitchen appliances (gas or electric)
  • Geysers (gas or electric)
  • Carports
  • Floor insulation
  • Other fittings/applications as per customer request