Ufudu, Making a Difference in Communities



  • Client Botshilu Private Hospital
  • Category Projects
  • Location Soshanguve, Pretoria North

Project Information

With 2018 approaching its mid-way point, and UFUDU enjoying another year of making a difference in communities across Africa, we would like to reflect briefly on a recent project within the healthcare sector which we were proud to have been involved in, as it will mean improved care for many patients facing kidney failure, giving them a chance to live productive lives.

UFUDU was involved in the design, factory production and site installation of a state-of-the-art dialysis clinic at the Botshilu Private Hospital in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria.

The meticulously considered UFUDU solution was a 375 m2, fully functional, 20-bed dialysis clinic, which we constructed using our unique Ufudu Cabin product which is factory-designed and made, allowing for quick and efficient site installation.

The flexibility of our modular Ufudu Cabin product, with its superior insulation and double-glazed aluminium windows, makes it an ideal product for use within medical facilities. Apart from the quality and structural elements of the product, one of the major advantages provided by our high-quality products is the time saving that comes from using our flatpack prefabricated modular buildings instead of conventional construction.
In the past few years we have completed many projects for the medical sector, including: dialysis units for a variety of dialysis service providers; laboratories and offices for Lancet; doctors’ suites for Netcare; hospital buildings for Medipark; as well as physiotherapy and biokinetic session rooms, and admin buildings for a wide variety of other hospitals throughout Southern Africa.

At UFUDU we have an expert team of designers who come up with customised solutions for clients in all sectors. The company is capable of factory production, delivery and commissioning of virtually any structure (up to three storeys high) that would traditionally have been constructed using bricks and mortar.

UFUDU provides pre-fabricated solutions to the medical, mining, construction, industrial, education and logistics sectors, ensuring that UFUDU’s quality and industry-leading space management solutions are positively impacting important economic and social sectors throughout the African continent.